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About Dr. Zeeshan Aslam (F.C.A.H., Canada)

Dr. Zeeshan Aslam (F.C.A.H., Canada) is an advance level homeopath. He has completed the post graduate training program from Canadian Academy of Homeopathy. And he is helping people suffering from chronic disorders through Online Consultation in different countries (UK being top in the list). He investigates patient's symptoms to pinpoint the root cause of their disorders and then prescribe for the root cause. His understanding of the mechanism of natural remedies led him to take on board medical professionals as his patients.

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Scientifically-Proven Natural Hormones Balancing Remedies


Treat the cause: Hormonal, Digestive, Diet Induced

Digestive Disorder

Gut is your 2nd-Brain & Natural Remedies help many digestive disorders

Blood Pressure

Natural Potassium Diuretics manages it well


Treat the Cause: Hormones, Blood-Stasis, Neuralgia


Low HB levels often quickly respond to natural remedies

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