PCOS & Fibroids Treatment Without Surgery - Cure PCOS Within 3 Months

About Dr. Zeeshan

Dr. Zeeshan is an advanced level alternative medicine physician. Having studied Chinese, Western and Indian herbolog at advanced level, he traces the root cause of a patient's multiple disorders and then treats that in a safe & rapid way through imported herbal medicines.

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PCOS is Curable!

Fibroids/Cysts can be reversed in non invasive way!
Only if root cause is treated.

  • It's curable, we are not talking about symptoms management as we treat the root cause.
  • It just takes 3 to 5 months, you don't need one year treatment.
  • It is a holistic approach so your other disorders such as mood swings, digestive issues, headaches, low energy state are resolved with this holistic treatment.
  • It is done through imported herbal medicines and you receive your medicines in patent packing to ensure safe and high quality medicines to treat your root cause.
  • After completion of treatment, take care of your diet to stay at a healthier level.
  • We are based in islamabad and lahore yet we offer online treatment around the world!
  • Once you start your treatment, you will stay directly connected with Dr. Zeeshan via WhatsApp to have a supervised treatment.


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CALL US NOW AT +92 321 10 00 723 OR Whatsapp Now