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PCOS & Fibroids, Curable With Natural Treatments

Holistic Diagnosis - Female Reproductive Issues

When is this "popular herb" an inappropriate choice?

Leaky Gut & Chronic Disorders


  • With Holistic Remedies Treatment, you also receive your Holistic Dietary Guidelines - foods that act as medicines that are high in minerals and vitamins.
  • Individualized Holistic Acupressure/Cupping Points Plan to Perform the Detoxification Therapy at your home/by your local therapist.
  • Imagine having various reliable natural methods incorporated into your treatment plan for a rapid, holistic and natural recovery through online consultations without travelling.

About Dr. Zeeshan Aslam (F.C.A.H., Canada)

Dr. Zeeshan Aslam (F.C.A.H., Canada) is an advance level homeopath. He has completed the post graduate training program from Canadian Academy of Homeopathy. And he is helping people suffering from chronic disorders through Online Consultation in different countries (UK being top in the list). He investigates patient's symptoms to pinpoint the root cause of their disorders and then prescribe for the root cause. His understanding of the mechanism of natural remedies led him to take on board medical professionals as his patients.

Success Story

“I have suffered with polycystic ovaries (PCOS) for years. In search for a cure, I visited many medical doctors even I used a treatment of a homeopath but all in vain. While living with this stress, I discovered Dr. Zeeshan through my brother as he was able to help my father who was acutely bed ridden due to strong neuralgia through phone consultation. After carefully analysing, I made my mind to begin my treatment with him. He gve me a phone appointment, I spoke to him and he led a very detailed consultation covering my multiple issues in detail. Later one, he reviewed my medical reports and designed an individualised plan for my treatment. I started to follow his treatment and then he put me on another plan which was specific for PCOS. After following the second plan for a few months, I recently had an ultrasound and no PCOS we’re reported., Alhamdulillah. I am convinced alternative medicine does help however you need to be careful while choosing your alternative Medicine doctor. His detailed initial consultation gives you a mental relief and his phone consultation saves time and cost of travel. I am grateful to Allaah for this blessing and I definitely recommend you to consult him for your issues. You may experience a positive change in your life and health.”

Pcos natural treatment in homeopathy

Scientifically-Proven Natural Hormones Balancing Remedies


Treat the cause: Hormonal, Digestive, Diet Induced

Digestive Disorder

Gut is your 2nd-Brain & Natural Remedies help many digestive disorders

Blood Pressure

Natural Potassium Diuretics manages it well


Treat the Cause: Hormones, Blood-Stasis, Neuralgia


Low HB levels often quickly respond to natural remedies

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