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PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, PID, Blocked Tubes, Hormonal imbalance & Infertility is mainly about inflammations.

No two patient's are alike!

Hormonal Imbalances, mainly due to wrong dietary habits and/or stressful environment, leads to hormonal disorders such as PCOS, Fibroids, thyroid disorders. Mainstream medicine lacks individualisation and hence can't help patients to find cure. Natural Medicine (Homeopathy & Herbal Medicines along-with the Nutrition) helps me to first establish their holistic diagnosis and then treat their multiple disorders based on their root-causes in an effective, drug-free and rapid way. This can often help you to find a cure, no matter whatever you're in the World!


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I have suffered with pcos all my life I am 25yrs old now, 6yrs ago I thought I suffered with mental health I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder after being sectioned twice, I have been to many doctors, gynaecologists, peers, and other herbalists, through the years my symptoms have got worse and worse. I was scrolling through Facebook not expecting anything then I came across Dr Zeeshans page all of a sudden I felt something in my heart telling me to contact Dr Zeeshan so I did, Dr Zeeshan got back to me within a few hours and we took it from their, from the bottom of my heart I honestly can't thank Dr Zeeshan enough for what he has done for me, I have recommended Dr Zeeshan to many of my family he is also treating my mum and sister! My family can't believe how much better I am! Words are not enough of how grateful I am Jazakh Allah for everything Dr Zeeshan may Allah continue to bless you and your work!

Abda, UK

I have suffered with polycystic ovaries (PCOS) for years. In search for a cure, I visited many medical doctors even I used a treatment of a homeopath but all in vain. While living with this stress, I discovered Dr. Zeeshan. After carefully analysing, I made my mind to begin my treatment with him. He gave me a phone appointment, I recently had an ultrasound and no PCOS we’re reported., Alhamdulillah. I am convinced alternative medicine does help however you need to be careful while choosing your alternative Medicine doctor. His detailed initial consultation gives you a mental relief and his phone consultation saves time and cost of travel. I am grateful to Allaah for this blessing and I definitely recommend you to consult him for your issues. You may experience a positive change in your life and health.

Javeria, PK

I was suffering with extreme anxiety and derealisation after having a c-section, which was mild after the operation but over time got worse so my husband and I contacted Dr Zeeshan through his website and he took my case and researched what medication would be best for me. The medication helped ease my anxiety straight away but it took a few weeks for it to take full effect. Alhamdulillaah I'm a lot better now and have stopped treatment. I would definitely recommend Dr Zeeshan to family and friends.

Saima, UK



Scientifically-Proven Natural Hormones Balancing Remedies

Blood Pressure

Natural Potassium Diuretics manages it well


Treat the cause: Hormonal, Digestive, Diet Induced


Treat the Cause: Hormones, Blood-Stasis, Neuralgia

Digestive Disorder

Gut is your 2nd-Brain & Natural Remedies help many digestive disorders


Low HB levels often quickly respond to natural remedies

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